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Tommy's Flooring sells and installs carpets in a variety of colours and textures. While many customers prefer neutral tones, others are looking for something with a little more character, such as carpeting that embodies an earthy tone or richer vibrancy. One of the best ways to experience our selection of carpets is by visiting the Tommy's Flooring showroom, featuring an extensive array of flooring products — you can even take samples to try out in your own space!


Have Your Carpet Installed by Tommy's Flooring

Tommy's Flooring installs wall-to-wall carpet throughout Fredericton and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to get started, or visit our showroom for more inspiration.



Plush carpets feature deep, dense piles reminiscent of velvet. These carpets provide a more formal appearance than other pile constructions. Although, it will show traffic variations and vacuum cleaner sweep marks more than other varieties.



You may have heard of “trackless” or “footprint-free” carpets in the past. These are all names that refer to carpets that have textured, cut piles. The curled fibres help reduce reflected light, greatly reducing the appearance of footprints.


Level Loop

As the name implies, level loop carpets feature uncut yarns at the surface of the carpet. These can be piled high or low, but all varieties have excellent soil hiding capabilities, making this a perfect choice for high-traffic areas.



With in-set patterns, this style of carpet is excellent for high-traffic areas. Beyond providing a beautiful appearance, these patterns also help hide traffic patterns.



Frieze carpets are comprised of highly twisted yarns, giving the carpet a very contemporary look. Because of all those twists, frieze carpets are less likely to show footprints and vacuum marks.


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