Over 15,000 Styles of Kitchen, Floor and Bath Tile in Fredericton

At Tommy's Flooring, we love ceramic tile not only for its many applications in flooring and walls, but also for its timeless elegance. And, by “timeless,” we truly mean timeless; there are countless examples of pristine ceramic tile to be found in ancient sites dating back thousands of years. Ceramic is very durable, easy to clean and naturally resistant against germs and bacteria, making it perfect for areas that are frequently splashed with liquids, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Crafted from fired clay and minerals, glazed tiles make excellent accent pieces of insets. For areas exposed to water, we recommend using textured floor tiles as they are less slippery when wet. At our Fredericton showroom, we have over 15,000 tile samples. We’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect type of tile for your specific application.


Waterproofing by Schluter Systems®

Bring peace of mind to your tub, shower or bathroom project by adding a waterproof membrane from Schluter Systems®. With high-resistance to vapours and liquids,
Schluter Systems® waterproofing products ensure mould and mildew do not form in the areas most often exposed to high humidity levels.


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